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Premium Seating

Select shows will have a limited number of Premium Seating tickets available. For an additional $100 above the ticket price, concert goers will have a reserved space at the foot of the stage. We will provide a beach chair for your use that evening. This will all be taken care of in advance by concert staff, no need to arrive early! You will be on a special Will Call List for this seating. Your premium fee will support this nonprofit series! (See photos at bottom of this web page)


The venue is a public park. Bring your lawn chair or blanket. Except for premium seats, all shows are general admission, so come early for best location.

The front half of the park is reserved for those with blankets or low sand chairs. (See photos at bottom of this web page) Chair backs should be sufficiently low so as not to block the view of the person behind you. No tarps or plastic will be allowed starting this year, as they damage the grass.

Is my chair low enough? If you can fit a basketball under the seat of your chair, it is too high to be in the front half of the park.

Regular lawn chairs are allowed behind the yellow rope from the middle of the park back to the street, as well as on the far left and right sides of the park.

Please do not bring plastic or tarps as they kill the grass.

Please keep the aisles clear, your chair should not be on cement.

For the best view and widest option for seating locations at our evening concerts, you should plan to arrive around 6:00PM for a 7:30PM show. There is generally plenty of room at our morning children’s shows, so you can arrive any time prior to the 11:00AM show time and find a great spot.

Can You Dance At Lowell Summer Music Series? YES! You are here to have fun! This is a general admission show and you are welcome to stand and dance at your chair or on your blanket. We do need to always keep the stairs and the aisles clear. We anticipate our upbeat rock shows to be events with many happy grooving people. If you want to stay seated for these shows, we suggest you bring a full sized chair and sit toward the rear of the park

The venue is a public park and is open all day. For that reason, some do come down and leave their chairs or blankets earlier in the day. Items are not allowed to be left in the park overnight. You may place your chairs or blankets down at 7:00 AM on the day of the show. Prior to that time, a line will form on the John Street side walk near the lowest level walkway at the park. All Chairs or Blankets that are on the field prior to 7:00 AM will be removed by park staff and placed near the boarding house. There will be plenty of signage about the policy and the starting point of the line at the park.

The Series is not responsible for items left in the park. Any losses are at the owner’s risk.

No tables, hammocks, tents, or beach umbrellas are allowed.

Why is reserving space allowed early in the day? Boarding House Park is a National Park Service facility. The NPS requires the park to be open all day long for easy passage of park visitors between the Boott Cotton Mills Museum and the Boardinghouse (known as the Mogan Cultural Center) which houses exhibits on the mill girl and immigrant stories. Ticketing is required as of 5:30PM for the concerts.

Why will reserved space only be allowed as of 7AM? National Park Service maintenance needs provide for morning irrigation and it is necessary to keep items off the grass for a short period after that. The park is now 24 years old and the NPS has done an excellent job of maintaining the turf. Please help us keep it in good shape for everyone’s enjoyment.

Handicap Access

Boarding House Park is a handicap accessible facility. Handicap parking is available on the first floor of the city-owned Joseph Downes Sr. Parking Garage at John & French Streets just across from the park.

Handicap access to the park is at the corner of John and French Streets, the side closest to the parking garage. From this side of the Park, the walkways toward the center of the park can be accessed.

Admission to the Lowell Summer Music Series is always general admission. That is, there are no reserved seating locations. However, please call John Marciano at 978-275-1783 or e-mail him at if a wheelchair location is needed and we will do our best to assist.

Our best advice is to come early to find the best selection of viewing locations.


The park is a non-smoking venue. Smoking is allowed on French Street at the back of the park.


Public restrooms are located on the ground floor of the Joseph Downes Sr. Parking Garage on the corner closest to the Park. They are maintained by the Lowell Summer Music Series. At intermission, additional restrooms are opened at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum, which is accessed via the mill courtyard.

Photography & Audiotaping

Videotaping: No video taping is allowed.

Photos: In general, most performers allow photos to be taken, but some prohibit flash photography while they are performing. A flash is generally not required anyway due to the brightness of our stage lights, so you are urged to turn off your flash when taking pictures of the performers so as not to disrupt their performance.

Audiotaping: Audiotaping is generally not allowed, except at a limited number of shows where permitted by the artist. When permitted, mics and mic stands are only permitted adjacent to the sound board near the middle rear of the park.

Seating Photos

Premium Seats as Seen From Stage
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