Classic Albums Live: Abbey Road

Boarding House Park
40 French Street
Lowell, MA Venue Information
Buy Tickets Friday September 5, 2014 7:30 PM
$28 in advance / $78 premium / $35 day of concert
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Toronto-based sensation Classic Albums Live performs the works of classic rock bands the same way an orchestra performs the works of Mozart. This skilled ensemble of musicians recreates the greatest rock albums of the 60s and 70s live on stage, note for note-cut for cut. Classic Albums Live has become the ultimate destination for music lovers wanting to hear the greatest albums performed live without gimmickry.

Now, 44 years after The Beatles recorded their final studio album - the album many feel was the Fab Four's best - a handpicked collection of world-class musicians will come together to perform, in its entirety, one of the most influential popular music recordings of all time, the rock masterpiece Abbey Road.

In 2003 music director, and arranger Craig Martin, came up with the brain child called Classic Albums Live in Toronto Canada, assembling some of the best studio and live musicians in the world to focus on specific bands and specific albums that much of the world grew up listening to - from Led Zeppelin to Fleetwood Mac to The Beatles.

"This will be a show to remember," says Martin. "This is the one album in The Beatles catalogue that people keep coming returning to hear. From start to finish it's an absolutely perfect record and we're going to treat it with the ultimate respect." Legendary songs such as "Come Together", "Something", "Octopus's Garden", and "Here Comes The Sun" will be performed, followed by performances of additional hits from The Beatles' amazing song catalogue.

Anything but a cover band, Classic Albums Live forgoes the gimmickry of costumes and impersonations, putting the music first, tackling iconic music, concentrating solely on re-creating it as you remember it from the original recording. The attention to detail is staggering-every sound from the album is re-created live on stage. As many musicians as it takes to faithfully re-create each recording - including horns and strings - are used for each album presentation, no matter how complex the album may be.

In recent presentations, fourteen musicians were on stage recreating The Beatles' immaculately produced Abbey Road album. "We spend a ridiculous amount of time rehearsing the album," Martin explains. "For example, with Abbey Road, there are songs on the record that people have never heard performed live. We've crawled inside the album, soaked in its DNA and fused it with our own," he adds. "We've dug into the minutiae and faithfully found a way to perform it live that doesn't involve running a tape machine. There are string players, horn players, wind makers, drummers-a-drumming and guitarists-a-wailing."

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles performing live on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time in America! This "thrilling" show (Toronto Star) rockets you back to 1969, when The Beatles made their last recording together, Abbey Road. Come together - and time-travel to a landmark moment in rock history!

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