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Angkor Dance Troupe (ADT) will celebrate its 36th year of existence. ADT has established itself as one of the most important organizations in the Cambodian diaspora dedicated to preserving and teaching Cambodian classical and folk dance to generations of young people.

Angkor Dance Troupe was established in November 1986 when Tim Thou and a passionate group of Cambodian refugees came together in Lowell, Massachusetts with the sole purpose to revive a culture once almost lost.

As the heart of the Cambodian Community, the Angkor Dance Troupe is nationally recognized as one of the most accomplished and experienced U.S. – based Cambodian traditional arts organizations.

Angkor Dance Troupe (ADT) teaches and performs a body of work developed at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – where they are considered the world’s cultural source and standard bearer for traditional Cambodian arts. ADT’s Artistic Director, Phousita Huy is a master teacher and former faculty member of the Royal University. She toured internationally as a principal dancer with the Classical Dance Company of Cambodia.

Accompanied by a team of esteemed master teachers from RUFA, our mission is to heal our community and share the history of traditional Cambodian performing arts.

We envision Lowell, Massachusetts to be the epicenter for Cambodian performing arts with the Angkor Dance Troupe at the core. To achieve this vision, our goal is to certify 10 new master teachers to continue the legacy of Cambodian culture and arts.

Through cultural exchanges and programs including dance, music, and Khmer Language class, students will learn how to explain the history and stories of the Cambodian people through the power of facial/body language, musical composition, and lyrical speech.

The Angkor Dance Troupe provides an essential service to the community not met by any other organizations. The Troupe is the only nonprofit cultural group in Lowell, MA, whose sole mission is to preserve the traditions of Cambodian performing arts. The Angkor Dance Troupe develops and teaches Cambodian dance, promotes an understanding and appreciation of Cambodian culture, and provides a positive social and educational outlet for Cambodian youth.

Formed by a small group of Cambodian refugees seeking to keep their culture alive, from this humble beginning to reaching the highest honor of performing at the White House, ADT has grown and expanded. Though its members have traveled far and wide, ADT stayed rooted in Lowell, its birthplace. ADT remains committed to fulfilling its mission to preserving Cambodian performing arts through over 4,000 youth who learned dance with the Troupe.

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