Visit Lowell's Great Businesses

The city of Lowell is full of history and activities.
From exploring the restored mills that were pivotal during the industrial revolution, to unique shopping and eating experiences,
there is no shortage of things to do and see while visiting this great city.

Greater Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau
Info at 978-459-6150 or
City Of Lowell



National Park

Visitor Center: 246 Market Street, Lowell.   
Reservation Line:  978-970-5000 

Wellness on the Walkway outdoor activities every weekend, July-October (free)

Boott Cotton Mills Museum at 115 John Street (10-5 Daily, $3-$6 admission)

1840s Boardinghouse (11-4 Daily, free)

Lowell Walks history tours Saturdays in September & October (free)

Trolley rides (Thursday thru Monday, free)

City Attractions

Arts League of Lowell

307 Market St. Info at 978-970-2100

New England Quilt Museum

18 Shattuck St. Info at 978-452-4207

National Streetcar Museum of Lowell

25 Shattuck St. Info at 978-458-5835

Brush Art Gallery

256 Market St. Info at 978-459-7819

Western Avenue Studios

122 Western Ave. Info at 978-710-8605

Whistler House Museum of Art

243 Worthen St. Info at 978-452-7641

Mill No. 5 

250 Jackson St. Info at 978-656-1828

Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center

40 French St. 978-275-1826

Food near the park

El Potro Mexican Bar and Grill

124 Merrimack St. 978-445-2840

TreMonte Pizzeria- Restaurant & Bar

112 Middle St. 978-453- 1110

Cobblestones of Lowell- Restaurant & Bar

91 Dutton St.  978-970-2282

Athenian Corner

207 Market St. 978-458-7052

Time Out Cafe

72 Merrimack St. 978-735-4514

Purple Carrot

107 Merrimack St. 978-456-5989

Old Court Irish Pub & Restaurant

29-31 Central St. 978-452-0100

Fuse Bistro

45 Palmer St. 978-323-0424

1981 Ramen Bar

129 Merrimack St.

Arthur’s Paradise Diner

112 Bridge St. 978-452-8647

Big Poke

96 Merrimack St. 978- 455 – 7511

Blue Taleh

15 Kearney Sq. 978-453-1112

Brewd Awakening Coffeehaus

61 Market St. 978- 454-2739

Warp & Weft

197 Market St. 978- 455-6537

For more info on restaurants please go to:


Mill No. 5 

250 Jackson St. Info at 978-656-1828

Arts League of Lowell

307 Market St. 978-221-5018

Holy Grail Vintage 

17 Shattuck St.


110 Merrimack St. 978-455-3444

CULTURE, Music, Art, & Food festivals

Lowell Folk Festival  

Friday July 29th- 31st, 2022

Kerouac Festival

Friday March 4th – Sunday May 1st, 2022

The Town And The City Festival

Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th, 2022

Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival

Every 3rd Saturday in August, 2022

Lowell African Festival

Saturday June 18th, 2022

Grecian Festival

Thursday June 2nd-3rd, 2022

Lowell Irish Festival

(TBA) September, 2022


Cultural District

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