It’s time to plan for an exciting day of traditional music and family fun in Lowell, MA. The Banjo & Fiddle Contest celebrates its 43rd event on September 7, 2024, from 10:00AM to 6:00PM.

The event is free for contestants, as well as all music fans who would like to come and listen. 

Never been to a banjo and fiddle contest before? Bring your lawn chairs and settle in to watch the friendly competition and get in touch with our country’s musical roots.

At the Banjo & Fiddle Contest, we invite you to come celebrate musical heritage. The repertoire of tunes played during the Contest is what folklorists refer to as traditional music – music practiced by groups of people who share a common ethnic heritage, geographic region, or way of life. 

Tunes are shared within families and communities and are passed on over generations.

To learn more about the Banjo and Fiddle contest or to make a donation, CLICK HERE.


James Macdonald