Angkor Dance Troupe


Sunday, August 25 - 6pm

Boarding House Park: 40 French St. Lowell, MA 01852


The renowned Angkor Dance Troupe welcomes you to a free presentation of traditional Cambodian dance, with a special 6pm show time. The themE is "Rain & Life."

Rain is often described as a time of despair. However, Cambodian people see it as an opportunity for growth. About 75% of Cambodia’s 10 million people are farmers. They have always relied on the rain to provide food, water, and income, especially during the harvest season, which takes place in January and February.

"Rain & Life" is based on an oral story told by the Angkor Dance Troupe's Artistic Director, Neakru Phousita Huy, Master Teacher of Classical Dance, and Lokru Kimhan Meas, Master Teacher of Music, Classical, and Folk Dance. The Angkor Dance Troupe preserves this story so that this generation of Cambodian-American artists can pass it down to the next generation. The story is based in Cambodia and follows the prayer of heaven and earth from the monsoon to harvest season.

As “Rain & Life” symbolizes growth, we also explore the journey of Chit Kromom raised in Cambodia. She encounters a new romance and breaks through the cultural barriers of what the expectations of becoming a woman is like in her community.